For Just a Cup of Coffee

Do you love coffee like I do? I swear I live on the stuff. I drink it regularly at home but I also enjoy getting a delicious fancy something or other at the coffee shop as a treat. To be honest, the drinks I get from there hardly count as coffee – they are more like a dessert – but who can resist that cup of deliciousness?

How often do you treat yourself to a coffee or milkshake or other such deliciousness? Weekly? Monthly?

Would you be willing to give up just one treat, one time, to help support thousands of moms across the country?

That’s how easy it can be. For the $5 you spend on your delicious Frappachino or whip-cream with cherry on top milkshake, you can make a real difference in our organization.

Share Your Chapter with Local Businesses

As you know, The Mommies Network is proud to offer FREE membership to any mom living in the chapter area (and to ANY mom on our National Chapter). It’s an important part of our mission to remain free so that any mom, regardless of her financial situation, can have access to our services and resources.

While we do depend on member donations and fundraisers, we also rely heavily on sponsors to fund our network and build new programs for our membership.

Sponsorship on our chapters is a win-win for the chapter and the sponsor. As members of their local community, our chapters are eager to build relationships with local mom- and kid-friendly businesses. Businesses who cater to moms and children are eager to share their products and services with our membership. Sponsorship gives local businesses the opportunity to invest in our chapters, to show our members that they believe that moms are a powerful and important part of our community and deserve to have a local network of support.

Chapter Sponsors make it possible for our chapters to remain free for our members and our members are grateful for the resource that our sponsors provide to them.

Support Us While You Shop

Christmas is coming and if you are anything like me, your Christmas list is already enough to bankrupt a small country. We know that money can be tight at this time of year, as all of your hard earned dollars go to buy presents for family and friends.

Did you know that you can support TMN and your chapter with the same dollars you use to buy those presents this year?

Well, you can!

TMN participates in two programs that donate a portion of the dollars you spend back to our network. You get great prices and sometimes even discounts – and we get a small donation with every purchase you make.

Be a True Part of the Community

We all have seasons in our lives – times when we have plenty of extra time and energy to volunteer and give back – and other times when family and work commitments make it impossible to do more than just keep up with your daily life.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your local chapter or The Mommies Network. We are always so grateful for our volunteers. But even with a great volunteer team, our chapters cannot be successful without an additional key element: an active and engaged membership.

Being an active member of your chapter is an investment. It does take time, but its time you are spending already while on the chapter website or at a chapter event. It’s how you spend that time that makes the difference.

Participate. Engage with the community. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. You show your "shiny happy" face on Facebook – feel free to show your "just-out-of-bed-and-haven’t-had-my-coffee-yet" face on your TMN chapter. We want to be a real community – and that starts with being real people who care about each other.

Share Your Time and Talents

We know that money can be tight and with fundraisers coming in left and right from the schools, the last thing you need is another candle or bucket of cookie dough. While we do appreciate financial donations (and rely on them to ensure our network remains free for our moms!), we know we would be nothing without the amazing volunteers who donate their time and talents each day to mentor and support our members and volunteers and to administer the various tasks required of a nonprofit organization.

At the chapter level, the focus is activities and events and most chapter-level volunteers are requested to plan and attend events each month as a part of their volunteer role. Chapter Managers and their Management Team handle the day-to-day management of the chapter, including member administration, promotion and group management. Group Coordinators each are responsible for their particular group, publishing new content, engaging the members in regular conversations on the website and planning activities for the members of their group. Chapter Coordinators assist the Chapter Manager and Management Team with regular tasks, such as coordinating a monthly Meet & Greet for new members, or planning an annual community outreach event.

Talk us up!

As most of you know, The Mommies Network is a nonprofit organization and we’ve always relied on grassroots efforts to promote our organization and our chapters to moms. With a limited budget, paid advertising is not feasible… and it’s important to us to keep our costs down and focused on things that benefit our members. Therefore, we teach our chapters a bunch of ways to promote their chapter for free. Fortunately, with the internet and social media, this isn’t too hard to do – there are a billon different places these days to share about our network online. The problem isn’t opportunities – we have them in plenty!

What we need are more promoters! We need members who love their chapter to share it with other moms. Whether this is sharing about your chapter on your own social media networks or GASP! Approaching that mom in the Target check-out line in front of you with a personal invitation to join the chapter, our members can make a real difference in our promotional efforts simply by sharing your chapter with one new mom a week.

Where Have All the Good Toys Gone?

Editor's Note:

I met Jay a few weeks ago and was so very impressed with his great idea and his desire to involve parents in the design of his toys and the direction of his company. I knew I had to introduce him to all of you! So many times we've all been disappointed in the quality of toys available for our kids and more than once I've heard "Where are the toys like what I had when I was a kid?" -- Jay plans to go one step farther and make those toys! Join his Parent Advisory Council and be a part of a fantastic new toy company!
--Heather Fortune

Hi, I’m Jay Burdette, the CEO of Legacy Metal Toys.

Last year I tried to buy a large truck for my grandson Joseph. I wanted a sturdy metal truck like the Mighty Tonka trucks I played with as a child. I knew he and his brother Michael would PLAY with this truck. And by play I mean fill it with heavy loads, drag it through the mud, and try all sorts of creative disasters. They needed a rugged truck that wouldn’t break. After visiting multiple stores and checking online, I came up empty handed but full of ideas. Legacy Metal Toys was born that day.

Postpartum Depression: The Basics

​Most people have heard of the “baby blues”, but the lack of awareness about the seriousness and varieties of postpartum depression is alarming. PPD is not a new disorder. Mothers have been experiencing emotional problems postpartum since the time of Hippocrates. The first medically documented case was by Dr. Jean E. Esquirol, a physician in France, all the way back in 18381. Although it is clearly not a new phenomenon, it is very misunderstood. Here I have compiled general facts from multiple sources to help promote general knowledge on the subject.  

Be a Conversation Starter

Close your eyes.

Remember a time when you were the stranger in the room – whether it was ten years ago in a classroom or two weeks ago at your husband’s company party.

Remember what it felt like to walk into the room, to see the other people in groups, laughing and talking. That unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach that reminds you that you are the only person here who doesn’t know a single soul.