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Welcome to The Mommies Network

The Mommies Network is a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping moms find support and friendship in their local community. We started as one chapter in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2002 and launched as network of chapters in 2005. We currently operate about 80 local communities across the country and have over 30,000 active members.

Our mission is: To provide a safe, secure, FREE place for mothers to find support and encouragement from other mothers and to empower them to be better women, mothers and community leaders.

No one should have to pay a fee to make a friend, so we offer free membership to any mother within the community who wishes to join.
Our forums are available 24 hours a day, so whether its 2 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, chances are, there's a mommy waiting for you online!
Finding friends for our little ones isn't always easy. On a Mommies Network chapter, you are sure to find plenty of playmates for your children (and for yourself as well!)
Enjoy a night on the town and attend one of a wide variety of activities. You are sure to find members that share your interests and some amazing friends as well!

What makes The Mommies Network different?

When CharlotteMommies was first formed in 2002, there weren't as many online mom communities out there as there are today. Our "competition" was mostly offline groups with little web presence, weekly meetings, membership age restrictions and annual fees. Our goal was to provide a place where moms could find support on THEIR schedule – not be required to fit their social activities into a weekly schedule – and that would be free to use. It was important that EVERY mother have the opportunity to access our resource and we were one of the first groups to provide free membership to ANY mother, regardless of how old she was, how hold her children were, or what "type" of mom she was.

However, we also strove from the beginning to be MORE than just a social outlet for mothers. We wanted to provide an environment where mothers of all walks of life could come together and share space and learn from each other. We wanted to create a multicultural, virtual neighborhood, connect moms within their local community in a new way. Our goal was to give these women the support they needed to be the best parent they can be – and to encourage them to, in turn, give back – to each other, to other people, and to their community at large.

With the advent of online social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, we have realized that we must work harder than ever to differentiate ourselves from these types of services – these social outlets provide an escape for their users – an opportunity to step away from the stressors and complications of life and hide behind an anonymous mask online. It’s easy on a social network to highlight or stress one aspect of your personality or one particular issue you are passionate about – on TMN chapters, we strive to strip away the mask of anonymity, to see the whole person behind the forum persona – and develop real, true relationships with our fellow members. We do this through bringing our members together socially with events and activities throughout the year, as well as encouraging regular community service, where our members come together to give back to the community they call home.

Welcome to The Mommies Network! We look forward to getting to know you!